1. Mr_clean's Avatar
    does anyone know if the black midframe helps with the death grip? considering its powdercoated/electropated?
    2011-05-04 06:07 PM
  2. Cowboy's Avatar
    I am not sue if it would help or not. Defiantly wouldnt hurt tho
    2011-05-04 06:17 PM
  3. Mr_clean's Avatar
    I just dont wanan spend ~$70 yet....

    currenty im using a bumper with a clear back, but i really want the black mid frame with a black, unbranded metal back so its just an all black phone. problem is i dont wanna put the bumper back on if i get a black mid frame
    2011-05-04 06:20 PM
  4. h4ndcuffed's Avatar
    Idk if youre allowed to link sites here but if u pm me I'll give a site that I personally have ordered from and their parts are superb. I've got all clear with a black midframe. I just did it so I don't have long term info on reception but thus far it works well.

    However mid with buttons was ~70. However there were some hiccups the guy running it is amazing with customer service and will keep my business. Even overnighted a back ordered item free)
    2011-08-16 08:29 PM
  5. Greatbiguns's Avatar
    I recently had my wife's 4 converted to a dull finish black frame (however I have also seen shiny finish). It looks AMAZING!! Didn't notice much of a difference except in the COOL Factor... Everyone who sees it asks if it is a sticker or what exactly it is. If I am with her I answer no for her and then show them mine. I had a shiny blue chrome mirror frame put on mine and ohhh myyy is it BAD! I'm a Newbie but like h4ndcuffed said, pm me for a site to check out. A friend first turned me on to these guys and they do some simply amazing stuff. Check them out, the are called iKustomize. I will try to post pics but remember I'm a Newbie...
    Happy hunting, hope you find what you want...

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    2011-08-27 10:53 PM