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    hey i have purchased a iphone 3g i dont know what firmware is on it i brought it and when you turn it on it has the connect to itunes screen.
    I connect iphone to itunes it says its in recovery mode and to restore it.
    in the summary on itunes it says
    Capacity: n/a
    Software Versi...: n/a
    serial number: 8743......
    so i have the 4.2.1 ispw and also 3.1.3 on my pc i do shirt +restore it starts extracting software it does that then it goes to verify with apple then eithers error 3914,28 or 1600 it doesnt matter if ive set it to dfu mode or recovery mode.
    Ok so trying that ive also tried to use redsnow 0.9.6rc12 with firmware 4.2.1 and 3.1.3 it gets to the please wait screen the it goes to boot sometimes it will show the charging sign with red batt at minimum an sometimes it will just go straight to the connect to itunes screen

    Iv spent arount 30hours searching forums and stuff trying to find a fix but now i have to just ask as i cant find anything on that works

    Im pretty much stuck here so if anyone has had this problem can they help me please
    Many Thanks in advance for your advice

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