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  1. kecskesadam's Avatar
    Hello dears,

    I'd like to ask if there's any kind of solution (monitoring app maybe) to know for sure if the battery is to be replaced already (reached it's time for the tomb) or not just yet...

    Also, I tried to find a monitoring app that shows me which process uses how much energy. No success there yet...

    (Lately I suffer from some serious battery drain issues (not always that bad, but sometimes it's like 10% per hour, standby mode. Curiously it drains quicker in the second half of the charge), and I can't be sure if it's just the 15 months old battery, or some cydia tweak abouses my 1400 mA, or it's some sort of JB bug... Of course I'd like to know these things BEFORE a restore...)

    Thanks in advance!
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    2011-05-15 10:41 AM
  2. iRepairIndy's Avatar
    There has to be a program out there that can test it.. I know the employees at the Apple Store have a way of testing it..
    iRepair Indy
    2011-05-16 01:48 AM
  3. kecskesadam's Avatar
    Here's what I've just found: Battery Info lite, and Battery Logger Plus (lite version)

    Battery Logger won't even start, after a 2 sec black screen it kicks me back to the homescreen, and the other tells me that I've 1067 mA capacity (and an original 1200 mA... I thought it's 1400 mA...) and it gives me a number of 303 charge cycles... How does it know that without any test? I've just downloaded the app...

    There's on more, the Battery Detective. Maybe I'll give it a try
    2011-05-16 01:32 PM