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    me and my father have an iPhone 3G but I just recently got it from my mother. she gave it to me as a gift and my dad has had his for like a year or two which means that his sim card from simple mobile was full and old. my dad always wanted to update his iPhone but he couldn't because simple mobile only accepted the very first version of the iPhone, 3.1.2, and he had alot of things in there. two weeks ago, my dads iPhone started acting up by turning off randomly until two Tuesday's ago it completely shut off. when you try to turn it on, the apple logo will show up for 10-15 mins straight and than shut off and when you plug it on the computer, the apple logo will show for 10 mins and than the low battery image will show up but it won't really charge and than shut of mins later and do it all over again. so my dad wanted to use my iPhone to take to work two Fridays ago and the next morning he tells me my iPhone ended up being like his after he inserted his sim card to the phone. I tried everything to fix his and mine iPhones but I can't. if any of you guys have any idea how to fix it pleeeaassee reply! thank you.
    2011-05-19 01:34 AM