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    I have a 3GS disabled on god knows what version (its not mine). This would be a simple task if it were some other 3GS. But the home button on this 3GS does NOT work. So i was wondering how to get it in DFU mode so the PC can actually recognize the iPhone 3GS thus letting iTunes restore it.

    When i connect the iPhone to itunes the error messages states: "iTunes could not connect to the iPhone "iPhone" because it is locked with a passcode. You much enter your passcode on the iPhone before it can be sued with iTunes"

    Funny thing is, even if i knew the password, there is no way i could enter it on iPhone since slide to unlock leads to emergency calls only.

    If anyone can help me resolve this issue, i would greatly appreciate it

    Bump? anything i can do? or do i have to get the home button fixed first
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    2011-05-20 02:13 PM
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    Download RecBoot and put the phone into Recovery Mode. RecBoot will normally work even if iTunes won't recognize it. Unfortunately, you can't restore with a custom firmware this way. The risk is losing an older more desirable baseband. However, you can at least get it restored and working on 4.3.3.

    Your only other option is to open the phone and see what's going on with the home button. Most home button repairs are fairly easy though so it's really up to you on which way to go.
    2011-05-20 07:43 PM
  3. y0umebed's Avatar
    Thank for the reply but i already tried Recboot and it did not recognize the iPhone. I guess my only option is to fix the home button
    2011-05-20 09:13 PM
  4. ylerT's Avatar
    Do you have a Mac or PC? I've never had a phone that RecBoot wouldn't recognize on my Mac.
    2011-05-20 09:47 PM
  5. y0umebed's Avatar
    PC. Im not surprised that it did not recognize. I tried running f0recast to find out what version / baseband and f0recast did not recognize it either. Even iTunes only recognizes the iphone at first to be "locked" and once i click OK on the error dialog, i dont see the iPhone on the left side under devices.
    2011-05-21 05:35 PM
  6. ylerT's Avatar
    That's normal for it do that but from my experience RecBoot still sees it.

    What I'd do is take the display off and manually put the phone in DFU with a flathead screwdriver or something. You can actually touch the home button contacts on the dock while touching the metal midframe around the phone at the same time. This simulates a home button press. It may take a few trys but if you can hold it steady for the 12-15 seconds you can get it into DFU that way.
    2011-05-23 06:34 PM
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