1. crackerjack's Avatar
    Hey everyone I have a problem:

    My Iphone 3gs will pick up excellent coverage for about 5 minutes then drop reception for a few hours. I am sort of concerned that its a hardware issue because I have replaced the sim card and updated the software.

    Anyone have any ideas what this could be?
    2011-05-21 09:19 AM
  2. WhyKnot's Avatar
    Any bars showing when the service has dropped? Was it decent before the service dropped?
    2011-05-21 10:49 AM
  3. crackerjack's Avatar
    It's looking like a location based thing. Maybe they're doing repairs to a tower nearby or something. Because at work I don't face this problem.

    But what part of the phone is responsible for reception? Is there any areas that amplify reception? The copper tick that touches the chrome ring on the bottom right corner of the motherboard has broken off. I'm concerned that its job is cell phone reception.
    2011-05-23 11:26 PM
  4. WhyKnot's Avatar
    When the motherboard is removed a small spring loaded copper pin is exposed at the lower right corner. It is part of the dock connector, and the phone antennae is connected to that pin. If the screws are loose it can cause a non connection.If the board has lifted it can cause a non connection. Some of the dock connectors purchased have a longer pin making a better connection. Hope this is some help.
    2011-05-24 07:20 AM
  5. crackerjack's Avatar
    Are you talking about the little pin on the other side of the motherboard on the Do Not Remove warranty sticker? Because that doesnt seem to go anywhere.

    I am having trouble finding the spring loaded copper pin..

    Thanks for you help!
    2011-05-24 07:15 PM
  6. WhyKnot's Avatar
    After motherboard has been removed, at the lower right corner in the back of the phone, just low of the nut that accepts the screw that has "Do not remove", and just left of the the center of that screw hole is the pin. If you look at the underside of the motherboard at that point you will see a socket for the pin. It is the furthest to to the right and at the first step of the motherboard. When looking at the underside it is now on the left. If you look inside this socket you will see a brass seat.
    2011-05-25 04:40 AM
  7. crackerjack's Avatar
    I found a picture on the internet. The red circle is not relevant to our conversation.


    That little guy on the second square? Would it be a problem with the motherboard or the dock connector?

    If this isnt the problem with my phone do you know what else it could be?

    I really appreciate your help.
    2011-05-25 06:13 AM