1. paysonsama's Avatar
    So I dropped my phone and the digitizer and lcd were both damaged, white screen with bleeding grey lines. I bought an original Apple complete front assembly on Ebay from a very reputable seller. I replaced the screen and it does nothing no white screen or anything. My phone still works, rings txt alerts and all, but no light on the screen. I have checked the connections about a billion times and all the pins look to be in good shape. I put the broken screen back on just for fun and that no longer lights up either. I want to try a restore but I updated the baseband to the iPad one to unlock it some time ago so I know I would get stuck there, which wouldn't be a super big deal since I have TinyUmbrella but makes me nervous that I have to go "blind" Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have been Googling for 2 days and haven't come up with much
    2011-06-23 03:19 AM
  2. Cowboy's Avatar
    Doing restore is probably what you are going to need to do. That will rest the logic board with the new hardware and more than likely make it light up
    2011-06-23 05:07 AM
  3. 805 93003's Avatar
    Reset may work and it is very simple. Hold together Home and Power buttons for about 15 seconds, iPhone LCD display will turn on if it works.
    2011-06-23 05:31 AM
  4. paysonsama's Avatar
    I did try reseting by holding the power and home buttons but nothing I'm assuming since the screen is not lighting up that it is not responding either...
    2011-06-23 05:47 AM
  5. Jcbzr's Avatar
    R.I.P iPhone [??/06/2011].
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    2011-06-23 03:32 PM
  6. paysonsama's Avatar
    R.I.P iPhone [??/06/2011].
    That was not helpful or true...the phone still works...just not the screen, I believe it to be a good screen, and it is Apple original. Just looking for other options or info cause I am jailbroken and unlocked so recovery may be an issue
    2011-06-23 09:05 PM
  7. Jcbzr's Avatar
    A cable might be damaged at best, and your logic board might be damaged at worst. If you already replaced your LCD and it doesn't turn on then I would assume it's the latter one.
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    2011-06-23 11:00 PM
  8. i.Annie's Avatar
    I agree with Cowboy, you should attempt a restore. There's not much to do unless you're wanting to spend more money on another screen to see if that one will work. It also might have sustained damage to other parts, like the above user stated.
    2011-06-23 11:05 PM
  9. nanamkin509's Avatar
    make sure you connect all the connections in the right order, double checking never hert anyone, and i had to do the reset several times with the power+home button before I gor my LCD to respond.
    2011-06-24 02:05 AM
  10. paysonsama's Avatar
    I'll keep trying a reset, but I am trying a restore and am stuck in recovery mode even with TinyUmbrella the broken screen at least showed up white and as I said the phone still works I can hear it getting texts and ir rings when called. I am going to email the ebay guy and try to send it back to him. It does have a 30 day warranty. I would think if everything I have done doesn't make it respond then it must be an issue with the part, either not being the proper part or just faulty all together. Thanks guys If you have any other suggestions please continue to post...
    2011-06-25 01:46 AM
  11. GnatGoSplat's Avatar
    What model iPhone is this?
    Have you tried looking at it under bright light to see if it's just the backlight that's not coming on?
    2011-06-26 09:53 PM
  12. paysonsama's Avatar
    It's a 3g and yes I checked, there is nothing there I am sending the screen back, hopefully will have a replacement this week.
    2011-06-27 02:46 PM
  13. paysonsama's Avatar
    Got the replacement which is beautifully lit, but the home button doesn't work they will refund or send me another!!!! Of my choosing, I still need a screen and am now stuck in recovery mode, trying to rejailbreak but having trouble. I may have more questions for you gurus cause I had to put the broken screen back on to enter DFU mode for the jailbreak....
    2011-07-13 07:05 PM
  14. Cowboy's Avatar
    What's the question
    2011-07-13 07:16 PM