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    Hi guys,
    Ive read threads on here about this issue. Please help.

    I'm terrified

    I took apart my phone to put a whit screen on it and all worked well. Took it apart again to clean the screen and broke a clip off the home button. ( I am waiting for a new flex cable, this is not the problem)

    The problem is, when I am on the phone to someone, no sound comes through the earpiece and the screen does not go black when i put it up to my ear.

    I really hope its just the flex cable, Please tell me from the pics

    Maybe its a job for Krazy?

    Please help me save it

    Earpiece and proximity/light sensor not working-photo-2011-07-13-12.33.jpgEarpiece and proximity/light sensor not working-photo-2011-07-13-12.32-3.jpgEarpiece and proximity/light sensor not working-photo-2011-07-13-12.32-2.jpgEarpiece and proximity/light sensor not working-photo-2011-07-13-12.32.jpg
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    2011-07-13 01:35 PM
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    Hey there, got your message. It does look like the ribbon is the culprit there as your connector doesnt look damaged. Unless there is some lifting occurring at the connector, then changing the ribbon should resolve any issues you have. Worse case, just send it over and Ill sort it out for you.
    How to fix #3 CONNECTORS:
    2011-07-13 04:33 PM
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    Thanks man , I really hope so
    2011-07-13 07:03 PM