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    I bought 2 batteries off ebay, because mine is going flat, disassembled iphone 3gs for the first time. Once back together, worked fine, until I plugged it into itunes! Hell beast. Stuck on restore loop, and wont budge. Read everything I could on it, I installed irestore onto pc, PC froze up, had to eventually go back to a restore point, as fingerprint login, usb's, network would not work.
    So disassembled phone agian, and tried second ebay battery, nope, same deal, so took it apart and put original battery in. Now the screen is black. and itunes still says, phone is in recovery mode and needs to be restored. I have updated the software. Is there somewhere to download an earlier version of software to install that?
    I was so hopeful that replacing original battery would have given my phone back. I bought the phone off ebay.
    Please help me, I've tried to do this myself and now its just depressing.

    update, left phone connected to pc overnight, itunes then says it will update to new or backup, i chose backup, it went through all 4 processes, and says successful, yeha!. Then the screen goes white. no apple logo, just a white screen, its not frozen on white screen though, what do i do now? maybe the software on the backup was corrupt?

    I found a solution for booting out of restore mode (bit late for me) but sharing.
    locate your itunesmobiledevice.dll file in program files/common files/apple/mobile device support. copy it and paste in the folder where recboot is.
    This kicked my phone out of recovery as its taking voice commands, but my screen is still white.
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    no one??? ok off to macrumours.
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