1. Tronky's Avatar

    I'm living in Dubai and sure you can expect the temperature over here because this has to do with the problem.

    Right now for example it's almost 107 F outside.

    The problem is that when I stay with my iPhone 4 in the sun for a while and this happens almost 3 to 4 times a day, the iPhone will heat and when I use it i hear noise from the internal speaker and the other party will not hear my voice clearly for a while then will not hear me at all.
    This happens with internal speaker & headset and sometimes with the loud speaker as well.

    5 or 10 minutes after I go to an air conditioned place it will cool down and everything will be fine.

    I have tried to go to the carrier who sold me the phone for that but they require to see the problem live.

    The don't fix iPhones, they just replace them if they found a fault.

    Everytime I try to go to them while I have this problem and until my turn comes, the iPhone is working fine as it cooled down.

    The problem sometimes happens when left in the charge for a while or while using 3G or wifi for an extended period of time.

    Any ideas how to replicate the problem while at the carrier outlet ?
    2011-07-28 02:01 PM
  2. unklbyl's Avatar
    ask him to come outside and share a chai with you, and leave the phone on the table.
    2011-09-08 12:34 AM