1. MasterfalcoJimmy's Avatar
    ok soo this is what happen i got and iphone blue conversion kit i installed everything was fine but the home button was not in the right place i installed everything again and the phone will not turn on i connected to the wall and it turn on but no imei no iccid no signal and says emergency calls only i the try with my girlfriends lcd and everything work fine i order a new lcd replace my phone with the new one and everything work fine but i had to open the phone again because the camera was not working fine and when i close the phone i got the same problem no imei no iccid no signal and says emergency calls only i cant understand how is the lcd getting brick anyone knows whats going on do i have to buy a third lcd or theres a fix
    2011-08-04 08:03 PM
  2. delutedsoul's Avatar
    it sounds to me like a memory access error. make sure all the connections are good on the phone.
    2011-08-05 06:51 AM
  3. MasterfalcoJimmy's Avatar
    naaa it end up being the battery connector if your battery is not connected properly the phone will turn on will connected but it will have no signal , no imei , iccid funny thing apple does with the phones
    2011-08-07 08:18 AM