1. motais's Avatar
    I just today replaced the cracked glass screen on my iPhone 3gs. The LCD was perfect, and still worked last time I turned it on. I got a repair kit online, and after an hour of working I got everything done but connecting it back together.

    #3 goes in just fine, but 1 and 2 won't snap in at all. I've checked, and I did buy parts for a 3gs, not a 3g.

    Anyone have any tips on how to make them stay?
    2011-08-07 05:33 AM
  2. Mes's Avatar
    Check the connectors for pin damage. They are designed to snugly snap in place.
    2011-08-07 06:04 AM
  3. unklbyl's Avatar
    do they snap into place at all? sometimes they look straight because of the padded tape on the back, but are crooked. if they are "sort of" snapping into place, and come right out, you may have gotten a knock off. contact the company you bought from, and tell them it does not fit, and could they please send you another one. Since BOTH of them do not fit, it could be a packaging problem, or just a knock off.
    keep me in the loop.
    2011-09-07 11:22 PM