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    iPhone 4, 4.3.3, jailbreak with Redsn0w, unlock with gevey

    I did a screen replacement about a month ago. Had a couple of problems: ripped volume flex, weakened wifi signal, no gps signal. Was waiting on new flex cable to arrive to try to fix everything.

    I couldn't wait any longer. Lately my phone has been turning off on its own and overheating - two separate things, not at the same time. Last night I ran the battery to 0% and recharged over night. When I woke up this AM, the Apple logo was on my phone very bright. I rebooted. The battery was at 33% and the apple logo is still there behind my menu constantly flashing, but only noticeable if I turn the brightness up.

    I just took apart the phone and fixed the wifi issue and made sure the battery was plugged in well. Then reinstalled os. I know it is not burn in, because there is no apple logo when the redsn0w is installing. As far as I know the blinking apple has been there all along, I never set the brightness that high.

    Ideas? Maybe it was overheating because something is trying to run in the background (related to flashing apple)? What could be a hardware issue with gps? Ideas, links, suggestions? Thanks.

    My original post: iPhone 4 Screen Replacement gone Bad - No Power. Help!

    Seems the flashing apple stopped after the restore and several reboots and a charge. Maybe it will happen again after battery drops under a certain % or if other conditions are recreated?

    Still need some help with GPS... driving me crazy using a 5 mile bubble every time I use google maps. iGo gets no location either
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    2011-08-28 09:55 AM
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    Ok, so my wifi fixed the gps issue too appears. Or future peeps that also lost their metal clip for the upper emi shield - the one that that the longer screw goes into. This contributes to the wifi/gps reception.

    I took a small piece of aluminum foil, maybe 1" squared and folded until it was about the right size to lay over the gold metal sensor next to the screw hole - in other words cover the screw hole and the gold pad. Then put the emi shield on, screwed all the other screws first, then push the longer screw through the foil and tightened. I suspect I will need to replace the foil every time I remove the shield.

    Couldnt find any other info on the net out there, other than to buy a new shield just to get the tiny metal clip. Hopefully this will help someone.
    2011-08-29 06:29 AM