1. p3eps's Avatar
    I've noticed Griffin do a DJ Cable for iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch - which essentially lets you listen to something different on the headphones than what's coming out of the speakers.

    Has anyone got a diagram on how to wire one of these up? I have all the bits at work for making one up - and would like to have a go rather than forking out the 20 for the Griffin one.

    Much appreciated...
    2011-08-31 10:42 PM
  2. p3eps's Avatar
    I figured it out myself by plugging in a set of ear buds and turning on the cable split option in DJay.

    One earphone plays the output and the other plays the cued song.

    I wired up a cable yesterday with some bits I had lying about and it works perfectly. 20 saved - and I won't feel bad getting fed up of it after a few hours since I didn't have to pay for the cable!!
    2011-09-06 08:12 AM