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    So a looong time ago I dropped my phone in a deep puddle of water. When I retrieved it, no luck turning on or anything. After a few days it began working again, but not long after, the screen would randomly go black and would have vertical (darker) black lines running across the screen. Well, I wound up replacing with another phone, but my wife is interested in using this one now, and the screen still has this problem- randomly it just goes black screen with vert lines and needs a hard reset to get working again.

    I've done a good bit of searching, but not come up with any fixes. I'm thinking if I replace the screen/digitizer, I should be good to go, but thought I'd see if I could get the experts to chime in before I spent the money (I know it's negligible at less than $10 shipped, but with a kid on the way, every spare $ counts)

    Thanks for the help, folks!
    2011-09-12 04:53 PM
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    The lines or on the glass or the LCD screen?

    If touch gestures are working then your digitizer is functioning. I believe it's your LCD that isn't functioning (about 21$ and a little bit of time and effort to fix).
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    2011-09-12 05:08 PM
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    Thinking about it, it's a definite possibility that the LCD screen is the issue- I'm not too familiar with iPhones and their innards, so I thought the LCD and digitizer were one and the same...I guess the LCD is the actual display, and the digitizer is a second part of the screen? The lines look like they are on the screen itself, kinda like when one of those OLD handheld videogames used to have the screen go bad (think the Bo Jackson football/baseball game like this- Amazon.com: Tiger Bo Jackson Football/Baseball Handheld Game (1990, LCD, 2 AA Batteries, Model# 7-??): Everything Else)

    So, I guess it's the LCD itself. Guess I'll go that route with my repair! Do the LCD replacements come with a replacement digitizer as well? I'd rather eliminate all possibilities at once instead of having to tear into it multiple times...

    Thanks so much for you help!
    2011-09-12 05:26 PM