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  1. magna666's Avatar
    Hi All, i hope to have posted this thread in the right section and also hope that someone can help me with my problem: Few days ago i ordered (and received ) a full front screen assembly for an iphone 3G 16GB as the phone's original glass cracked taking with it the LCD too.
    Despite the LCD being damaged, the phone was still working,included the touchscreen.
    So turn the phone off, take the sim out unscrew the 2 bottom screws and suction the broken screen out, lift plug 1 and 2 and carefully unplug cable ribbon 3, replace the whole front assembly in one go and reassemble the phone inverting the procedure.
    At the end of the job i start the phone just to see the screen staying blank while all the rest was working, i mean the silent button still buzz if lowered down and the chime rings if the phone get connected to a power source, but still the touch screen isn't working and it stays completely black. I have also tried pointing some light and tilt the phone in case the back light is gone with no avail, the screen seems dead.
    I have checked the 1 2 and 3 ribbons/cables and everything seems to be fine.
    This morning i tried again and after suctioning the screen off for the thousandth time (and in the meantime the phone was still powered on as i couldn't turn it off, i tried the power button and house button few times but it always rebooted itself) it shown for a second a very fainted low battery icon while i was touching the plug one, that gave me an extra drop of confidence but it has happened only once and for a brief second.
    At this stage i have two questions:
    Is there any way i can test a LCD without plugging it in to an iphone first, like a special rig or something.

    Is anything else i should check other than the 1, 2 and 3 ribbon/cables?

    Thanks in advance for reading this.
    2011-09-18 06:25 PM
  2. Cowboy's Avatar
    1 is the lcd i would double check it one more time and try restoring it
    2011-09-18 07:09 PM
  3. magna666's Avatar
    Looks like the old LCD doesn't work either, despite it has some dead pixel and a smudge of LCD on the top right corner, it was working when i got the phone.
    Plus i forgot to mention the phone is code locked and without the use of the screen itself i can't unlock it.
    2011-09-18 09:57 PM