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    This october I will be running my second marathon and I am concerned about my battery life. Last year, my first marathon I roughly 20% left after the full marathon was completed. Now, a year later I went running 14 miles and only had 33% battery life left. There is no way that my iphone4 will be able to stay powered during the whole race.

    My iphone is jailbroken, I do have a lot of JB apps, tweeks installed. I did cut off the screen animations, lowered the lcd display light during my run. When I am running I will use BT streaming to my wireless headphones and run sportypal gps for tracking. Besides that, nothing anything different from last year.

    I inkling says just to keep the music going (which I do need for running) and the gps I will do with out. Since when we run everything is collected by the magnetic plastic strip when we pass certain points and the that is scored.

    Please advise if anyone has ideas to preserve the battery life for this race.

    Thank You,

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    2011-09-19 06:10 PM
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    Since you do NOT need cydia for the race, enter SAFE MODE (all cydia apps deactivated) make sure all apps have been turned off, (double click home button) and drain your battery a few cycles before hand.
    replacing the battery is a simple fix, AND effective.
    2011-09-20 04:11 PM
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    you should get a battery case.... you could use the phone till it was at say 20% then turn on the case and re charge the phone up. i have one i used twice and worked great. id be willing to sell it, lmk if your interested.
    2011-09-21 04:51 AM
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    few questions.. if I go into safe mode will I still be able to use gps for sportypal and bluetooth streaming audio to my headset?

    i thought about the idea of using the battery pack and that looks like a good idea.. not sure if that would be practical for a race?

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    2011-09-22 12:34 AM