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    Ok, my girlfriend is a klutz, she drops her phone quite often. Yesterday the volume buttons and silent switch on her phone stopped working (the sound is fine, its just the buttons). She claims she has not dropped it in a while, but i figure she may have knocked something loose which has came completely detached from everyday use since then but what the hell do i know.

    I am assuming there is a loose cable or something because the phone is working fine and the sound does work (had to install some cydia tweaks to get it in and out of silent mode) other than the buttons. I am pretty handy when it comes to messing with electronics, but I have never opened up an idevice before. Is this a mangable fix for someone like me or should i not even attempt. If it is reasonably easy, does anybody know exactly how to fix this issue?

    I think she has applecare, but she doesn't want to get the phone replaced if its not necessary because it is unlocked and jailbroken on 4.3.3, which probably won't be the case if she gets a new one.
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    2011-09-28 03:51 PM
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    what kind of phone? all of them are easy to take apart, harder to put back together, and even harder to diagnose.
    your best bet is to goto youtube, look up your type of phone, watch a minimum of 4 diff. disassembly videos, as some people forget certain steps, like REMOVE SIM TRAY. getting the iphone 4 motherboard out is dang near impossible unless you take it out first.
    Honestly, if you have never done this kind of thing, i would suck up the JB 4.3.3, and use the applecare. If they can fix it, use TU to get yourself back to normal, save your packages from cydia, backup with itunes.
    If they cannot fix it, use ebay with your BRAND NEW, STILL ORIGINAL WRAPPED, or wait till the 5 comes out and beg for mercy!
    2011-09-28 11:46 PM
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    its an iphone 4 gsm

    i had a hard time finding a video for this issue on the iphone 4, i kept seeing 3g/3gs.

    i have moderate skills from taking apart xbox 1 and xbox 360s for modding as well as wii. i just haven't messed with an idevice yet
    2011-09-29 12:59 AM
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    i say give it a go. take it slow. make sure not to rip a flex and keep the screws in order
    2011-09-29 08:33 AM