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    Looking for some advice on how to get my iPhone working again! I cracked my screen when it hit the pavement. The phone worked fine for 2 months until I decided to save some money and replace the screen myself. I purchased the screen/digitizer on Amazon and watched youtube videos to know how to do it. After reassembly, I got a white screen. I tried the reboot to no avail. I took the phone apart numerous times to see if I had missed something and tried putting the old screen back in, etc. I know that I did the most common mistake (the long cable that has to go through the lcd didn't come all the way through and I crimped it). After several disassemblies and reassemblies, I am getting nothing. It doesn't seem to power up, won't be recognzed on the dock, charging cable, car charger, computer...nothing recognizes it. I took it to a guy who repairs them in the mall at a kiosk. He replaced everything but the mother board and it still doesn't work. I'm supposed to take it back tomorrow to let him check it further, but I'm not sure he isn't trying to scam me. I can't believe that what I did would cause everything to be damaged just from replacing the screen assy. I'm very good at repairing things, so it's not because I'm some ditz that tried to do it myself. Any opinions on what could have happened and how to repair it?
    2011-10-03 05:45 AM
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    did the old screen still work when u put it on? those ribbon cables are very fragile and if u bend it wrong it won't work.
    2011-10-03 04:12 PM
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    No, the old screen did not work. The guy I took it to said he replaced everything except the logic board and gave it back to me still not working. What would make the mother board go out? It has not been damaged except for dropping it that caused the screen to crack.

    I have had it for almost a year, so I didn't think there was a warranty that long. I have just checked my serial number and it shows it is still under warranty. Will they fix it now?
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    2011-10-04 05:18 AM
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    static discharge from your fingers may cause the logic board to fail after several dis assemblies. also if you have sweaty hands that can also cause it. if you were not wearing any anti ESD wrist straps and anti ESD work mat you may have short circuited the logic board. Ive done hundreds of screen replacements and i always make sure i have latex gloves and anti ESD wrist straps on.
    2011-10-11 07:19 AM