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    Hi guys. Recently I dropped my iPhone awhile back and broke the screen. Everything worked fine on it, just the screen was cracked, even the proximity sensor worked. Bought the replacement screen, and now while my iPhone is working fine, the proximity sensor won't work at all. I've tried everything I could think of to fix it, but its like its broken altogether somehow. Ive checked the sensor and its ribbon cable several times. nothing looks damaged at all.

    I tried the black tape fix, firmware restore, etc. I even placed tape over both the ambient light sensor and proximity sensor, just to see if it would turn the screen off at all. Even after going into a pitch black room, covering the top of the phone, etc. still the sensor does not activate and my screen stays lit. I don't understand what could be the problem. Any help on this would be MUCH appreciated.

    Funny thing is, of all the sites I've gone too, and all the tests I've done (I've re-opened and closed up my iPhone too many times to count, just today! probably like 20 different times!) some of the people claiming to have the same issue state the sensor will work with there old screen. I've tried my old screen even with the methods. no go. :-\ i don't know what to do. the screen was cracked enough that there were openings at the top for light to get through and the sensor still worked, but as soon as i took it apart, bam no working sensor. again, I've checked again and again the ribbon cable, and the sensors. nothing looks damaged at all....

    please help. any suggestions? and if my last option is to order a replacement part for it, any suggestions on where to get one? thanks.
    2011-10-06 09:22 AM
  2. unvaluablespace's Avatar
    Any ideas?
    2011-10-07 05:50 AM
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    It's possible that you might have a micro tear somewhere on the prox sensor flex near where you removed the original broken screen. regardless of the cause, if it doesn't work even with the old screen back on, odds are good something burnt the sensor out. Your best bet is to simply replace the sensor, they aren't terribly expensive. The biggest issue i've seen with them is that some of the replacement screens have a tint over the sensor holes in the glass that is just too dark and they will make a good sensor just not work.
    2011-10-10 03:25 AM