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    Front Screen of iPhone 4 was removed;

    A member asked "Once I have removed the front glass, can I remove the adhesive film (all the small glass shards are stuck to it) if I don't have a replacement adhesive film? It's fairly difficult to remove the rather microscopic pieces of glass...
    Thanks to everyone that helps!"

    The answer to this question was never posted. Discussion was not allowed. What is going on???

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    2011-10-08 09:33 PM
  2. Tornath's Avatar
    There are 10 small screws inside the housing that actually do most of the fastening of the LCD/Digi. I personally have NEVER replaced the adhesive on any of the iphone4's I've repaired. as long as you make sure that the LCD/Digi frame is properly seated and then fully tighten the 10 screws (1 in each corner and 3 down each side) Then there is no reason why you would NEED the adhesive. I believe that apple puts it in just to make sure it doesn't slip out of place if the screws were to loosen.
    2011-10-10 03:17 AM
  3. 805 93003's Avatar
    Tornath, have you ever removed the two large double sided adhesive strips on the iPhone 4?

    2011-10-11 12:53 AM
  4. Tornath's Avatar
    Yes. When Replacing a broken screen I almost never leave them on. If I'm doing a Color conversion kit, I'll leave them on simply because there is no reason to take them off. But if broken glass is stuck to it, etc, then yeah, remove 'em.
    2011-10-11 02:02 AM
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    That was my post, I had Cowboy answer me in a PM. Yes you can remove it since there are 10 screws that will be holding the new screen in place. In other words, you will not need replacement adhesive!
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    2011-10-19 12:30 AM