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  1. copvaibhav's Avatar
    camera stuck on shutter logo, what i have already done is to change my old camera to new one but still same shutter logo, checked slot of camera cable, now m clueless ...any help is much needed.
    2011-10-31 06:01 AM
  2. Lukemulholland's Avatar
    Could be a faulty camera you bought i have had this many times. If not have you tried restoring? Just for the sake of it? Are you 100% you bought it for the correct device? Etc. there are many reasons why this could go wrong. Make sure you follow tutorials exactly, to see where your going wrong.
    2011-10-31 10:49 AM
  3. copvaibhav's Avatar
    ya bro i m 100% sure coz, i tried with two piece of different camera available for iPhone 3g, not only i checked it after i was not successful i decided to go to some repairing shop and there they himself installed new camera for 3g but it still stuck on camera shutter, and as far as restoring is concerned i did downgrade to 3.1.2 - 4.2.1, clean install n as well as restore.... i dont have any clue now wat to do, kindly someone help me on this i will be very thank full of urs.
    2011-10-31 01:18 PM
  4. czarcasm's Avatar
    hmhm maybe it is a faulty camera? if someone at a repair shop is still not able to install the camera correctly it might just be the hardware
    2011-11-01 03:01 AM
  5. copvaibhav's Avatar
    what do u mean by installing camera correctly,as far i know there is no need of rocket science in installing it, just one cable attached to camera and a screw, correctly me if m wrong, and what are you saying about hardware , which part should it be, if it some I.C or something else do tell, coz when i asked to that mobile repairing center they said that they need to have board of 3g, which they don't have right now, he said if i can tell him whats the problem is actually(which I.C or something else), then he can help me.
    2011-11-01 10:01 AM
  6. Jcbzr's Avatar
    Maybe the connector on the motherboard is damaged?
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    2011-11-02 07:23 AM
  7. copvaibhav's Avatar
    so is that connector is changeable or not?
    2011-11-02 07:53 AM
  8. Jcbzr's Avatar
    If it's the camera flex connector cable that is damaged then it is easily replaceable. If it's the motherboard's connector for the camera that is damaged then it's a lot harder to repair (at that point I would get a new phone if you need the camera function).
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    2011-11-02 02:10 PM
  9. copvaibhav's Avatar
    hmmm ok i got that, but i was wondering aint there anyway to change that particular slot where camera flex is attached on MB, if its possible then i guess i can manage it at some cheap cost.
    2011-11-02 02:39 PM
  10. Jcbzr's Avatar
    That would mean a complete reconstruction of the phone's internal parts; it is how it is.
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    2011-11-02 05:14 PM
  11. copvaibhav's Avatar
    ohk so i suppose that connector on MB is not repairable, now i think all i have to do is to buy new MB or a New iPhone
    2011-11-03 05:33 AM