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    An iPhone 4 that i am repairing is having a problem with the phone app not recognizing the mic and speakers. If i go into Skype, i can make a call perfectly with no problems. I wanted to add that FaceTime calls have no issues either.

    Parts i have replaced.

    -Dock Connector assembly
    -Antenna Assembly
    -Audio Jack Flex Cable

    I'm Stumped. i cant figure out the problem.
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    2011-11-15 03:16 PM
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    Try doing a restore some times it is necessary that way the logic board can recognize the new hardware.
    2011-11-17 03:42 AM
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    Thanks for the tip, i did try that and i also tried 3 other logic boards in the device. No dice. looks like ill just replace the rest of the parts.
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    2011-11-17 01:06 PM