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    I got a email from ifixit.com selling a Transparent Rear Glass Panel for iP4/4s. It's on sale today. Thought someone might be interested anyway. Not sure if it's the cheapest around but, the email read as follows. Enjoy.

    ************************************************** ***************************************

    Get off your chair, power up your blasters, and prepare yourself for an incredible deal. Unless you don't have an iPhone--if that's the case, you can sit back down.

    But if you do have an iPhone, well you're in luck! We have a killer deal for you. Well, it won't kill you. And you can't kill anyone else with it. But aside from that, it's pretty dang cool.

    To celebrate Cyber Monday, we've bundled together our extremely popular transparent iPhone back panel with a bunch of cool stuff, including our awesome new Thirsty Bag. This is your best chance to have the coolest iPhone on the block, but act now because the deal is today only!
    iPhone 4S Transparent Rear Glass Panel Bonus Kit

    iPhone 4S Transparent Rear Glass Panel Transparent rear panels!
    We just got our first shipment of our new iPhone 4S transparent glass rear panels! They're absolutely beautiful. To make these new panels even more irresistible, we've put together a special package:

    * iPhone 4S Transparent Rear Glass Panel - make your phone awesome
    * Liberation Kit - get rid of those pesky pentalobe screws
    * Thirsty Bag - the best way to dry your phone after an unexpected swim
    * Screen protector - keep your screen pristine and beautiful

    These items normally sell for over $50, but for today we're offering the entire package for only $29.95. Supplies are limited, so act fast.

    * iPhone 4S Transparent Panel Bonus Kit $29.95
    * iPhone 4 GSM (AT&T) Transparent Panel Bonus Kit $29.95

    iPhone 3G Replacement Battery Keep your iPhone going strong!
    Are you hoping for a new iPhone 4S for Christmas? No, we don't have a kit to upgrade your iPhone 3GS to an iPhone 4S. But we do have a way to give your iPhone a new lease on life! A new battery will make it last just as long as it did when you first got it. You can install the new battery yourself in less than an hour.

    * iPhone 3G Battery $9.95 (normally $14.95)
    * iPhone 3GS Battery $14.95 (normally $19.95)
    * iPhone 4 Battery $19.95 (normally $24.95)

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    2011-11-28 06:43 PM
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    2011-11-30 08:09 AM