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    Hi, I'm not that technical; been trying to figure this out for hours; any help given, please write for a beginner. i learned some of these words today.

    I have an iphone 3g that is both jailbroken and unlocked (my software friend did it on his computer, so I do not have any jailbreaking files on my MacBook). He put iOS 4.2.1 on it, and I've been using it for about a year. I have since updated the itunes on my computer a few times (it's now at 10.5, not 10.5.1), since he said that was okay to do. I last backed up to itunes about 5 days ago, and am okay with losing whatever happened in the last 5 days.

    My battery sucked lately, lasting only a few hours. Then a week ago it would show battery charge but then suddenly shut itself off (spinning circle). I'd turn it back on; sometimes only turned back on while plugged in. Do I need a new battery?

    A few days ago I opened Cydia on my iphone for the first time. It then updated itself with a bunch of stuff. Then a few apps would crash and the phone would restart. I figured out and deleted various Cydia updates. The phone stopped crashing.

    Today, while I was talking on the phone, the phone shut off and will not go back on. It tried a few times, cycling from the apple icon to the dead battery icon, but now it just has a battery icon w/ a little red on the left of it and a lightning bolt below it. If I unplug it from power for 4 seconds it goes black. My itunes will not recognize the device. I researched a lot, and then put it into DFU mode, and then itunes did recognize the device!... but then itunes said it would download the latest version of itunes (10.5.1). I got scared since i'm not really sure what I'm doing and cancelled the restore. I took it out of DFU mode.

    At this point I just want it to recognize the device and be able to recharge. (I read various places that if I restore, it would be able to recharge. For example: iPhone won't charge or turn on | iPhone and iPad Forums or iOS: Unable to update or restore (I get the plug it in icon shown here too, but then it eventually goes to the lightning under the battery icon.) It's been plugged in for hours. Then I'll have time to go get a battery, and could make calls while plugged in. So... what do I do? Do I have to re-jailbreak the phone? If so, how? The 3g was really slow on 4.2.1 (and I'm not sure itunes at 10.5.1 even works with it), so I really don't want to go any higher, unless you all think one of the later versions will work faster. Again, I have never jailbroken a phone, so how to and where to get any files I need to download, exactly what to do, in order, etc. will be very helpful.

    Last, any idea as to how to get the phone to last more than a few hours... really annoying.

    Until then, without a phone. Help, please.
    2011-12-05 08:15 AM