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    I have two 3Gs's in my possession. One is running 5.0.1 but is on the iPad baseband so I have no GPS and I don't need an unlock. I also have one running 4.3.5, BB 05.14.02, but the home button barely works (makes entering DFU mode impossibru!), the volume button is gone, and there's a nice gouge in the front display.

    I see that with iFixit I could replace the front screen+home button and the volume button for about $105 pre-tax+shipping. Or, I could use parts from both phones to make a franken-phone. It's a shame the first phone has 06.15.00 because it's otherwise in great shape.

    Would it be more worth it to pull the login board from the ghetto one and into the better exterior? Or should I just get an external GPS device for the nicer one and call it a day?
    2011-12-21 02:43 PM