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    Installing KOGadget's LightMod-23-218-thickbox.jpg

    A few weeks ago I ordered KOGadget's LightMod for my 4S (Luminescent Logo Mod Kit for iPhone 4/4S - K.O Gadget Store ; they don't sell it anymore) and today I received it. I'm posting this to share some thoughts about installing and it's quality.

    Before you read further: This mod will definitely void the warranty of your iPhone, however you can remove it without problems and maybe Apple won't notice if you have to send it in .Installing KOGadget's LightMod-installation4s.jpg

    The package contains everything needed (except scissors, and you'll need good ones):
    - the light panel (with a LED, so energy consumption will be very low)
    - the back cover (apparently made of glass with a plastic surrounding; like the original one, but definitely not as scratch resistant as GorillaGlass)
    - one Pentalobe and one Phillips screw driver
    - one double sided 3M sticker
    - one fluffy single sided 3M sticker
    - tweezers

    Installation guides can be found here, take a look at them to see how complicated (or not) the mod is:
    Part 1: K.O. Gadget
    Part 2: K.O. Gadget

    Sadly the don't offer a guide for the 4S yet, which is very important for connecting the light pannel. After some trying I found the right spot. About one hour after I was finished KOGadget posted this image for the 4S
    Installing KOGadget's LightMod-installation4s.jpg

    The installation is not very easy and hacky. Even though I have some experience with taking gadgets apart, replacing batteries, displays, digitizers and so on, it took me about 1 hour to finish it (I had to find the right connection point for the light panel). In my opinion you should have at least a bit experience in talking apart gadgets

    When I say that the installation is hacky I mean that it's not a really professional solution: You'll fixate the light panel's cable with pieces of double sided 3M tape on a small metallic part of a resistor and it's not easy to place the cable properly, but I guess it's still easier and safer than to solder it to your precious and expensive iPhone.
    Installing KOGadget's LightMod-1010153.jpgInstalling KOGadget's LightMod-1010173.jpg

    If you are careful you won't damage anything on your iPhone and everything can be removed without any evidence.

    I'm missing an important advice in KOGadget's installation guide: Ground yourself or at least touch something metallic which is grounded (like an radiator) before starting with the installation.

    Overall the quality is ok. The back seems to be made of glass and looks exactly as the original (with the same plastic surrounding). It fits perfectly and has the correct writing on the back. There is no light leakage around the apple logo. However, I'm very sure that it is not as scratch resistant as GorillaGlass used for the original. I'm using a case with a see-through back so I don't really care about that.

    The camera lens and the flash lens seem to be good. I didn't notice any problems when taking photos and there is no light leakage from the flash . The metallic ring around the camera lens sticks a bit out (maybe a tenth of a millimiter), but you'll hardly notice it.

    The light distribution of the light panel is ok. It's a bit brighter on the side of the LED but you won't notice that most of the time.

    The only thing I really dislike is that the back panel is missing the EM shielding compared to the original (right side):
    Installing KOGadget's LightMod-img0001cf.jpg

    Installing KOGadget's LightMod-img0004nz.jpg
    A more professional solution to attach the cables would be good, but I doubt that any company will invest a lot of money in developing something like that, simply because Apple will try to kill it as soon as possible; after all it is infringing their rights.
    It's not very easy to install and a bit hacky, but I think it's worth the $50 I paid for it, simply because it looks cool and the quality is ok. AFAIK KOGadget doesn't sell it anymore, but maybe you'll get lucky and find it somewhere else.
    Please be advised again, installing this voids the warranty.
    I can't say much about long term use (I installed it about 2 hours ago), but so far everything is working fine. I'll let you know if I should find any problems.



    When does the Apple light up?
    - when the screen is on and for 15 seconds after you turned it off
    - when you receive a call, message, notification, email, ...
    - when you're talking on the phone (even if the display is off)
    - when the device is charging
    - when a backgrounded app is sending/receiving data.
    When you're iPhone is turned off or is sleeping the light will be off.

    Will it impact battery life?
    I don't have any long term experience, but since it's using one single LED in the light panel it won't reduce battery life much (if at all). LEDs need almost no energy.

    How's the quality of the glass?
    I'm sure it's not as scratch resistant as GorillaGlas (which is used for the original) and I won't attempt any scratch tests on mine, but it looks good. And the back fits perfectly.

    Is it easy to install?
    No. It's not very easy. In my opinion you should have some experience in taking gadgets apart and take your time.

    Will installing this void your warranty?
    Definitely yes. However, you can remove it without leaving any evidence and Apple shouldn't notice anything
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    2012-01-10 12:09 PM
  2. KraKsX's Avatar

    Over night, something happened.
    My phone was plugged in charging on the computer.

    At 70% the phone went off (no longer charged)
    And turning it back on took pressing the home and power buttons at the same time.

    Ill keep testing... (gonna try just using my 'green' sync cable now)
    2012-01-10 02:27 PM
  3. Greatbiguns's Avatar
    Been hearng a bunch of "Horror" stories regarding this item all the way to shorting out the phone
    I wish iPatch would have gotten their S%#* together and released a high quality set up instead of showing it off and then nothing for the next year, still waiting iPatch???.....
    Hope everything works out for those of you who got this, I will wait for a better/higher quality set up to be released before I risk my 4S.
    2012-01-10 06:55 PM
  4. daytonaviolet's Avatar
    thats a big LED

    Installing KOGadget's LightMod-1010194.jpg
    2012-01-11 12:16 AM
  5. Yllier's Avatar
    thats a big LED

    Installing KOGadget's LightMod-1010194.jpg
    it's actually one small LED build into the panel. The panel is then diffusing the light. Similar to most modern screens (like in a MacBook, there are just a few LEDs being used to generate the light)
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    2012-01-11 12:35 AM
  6. Raulmal1's Avatar
    I think you can buy the EMI tape here to
    Put it on yourself. Is this possible.
    emi shielding - Google Search
    2012-01-11 02:36 PM
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    I just finished installing the KOGadget Light Mod onto my 4S and I have to disagree with the previous posters as the quality of the back is nowhere near the quality of the OEM back and actually inferior to other Chinese backs that I have purchased.

    The back is definitely made of some sort of plastic or lucite rather than glass. I don't have an issue with a plastic back per se but it will definitely pick up scratches quicker than normal soda lime glass and certainly quicker than gorilla glass (although I am still convinced that gorilla glass is only used on the front face of the iPhone).

    Also, due to the added thickness of the LED panel, the back bulges slightly and puts pressure on the retention clips on the sides. Since the retention clips are made of plastic, at some point in the night, the top right clip blew out and now there is a noticeable gap in the phone.

    Additionally, the screw holes seem like they are unthreaded and made of soft metal. That means that if you overtighten the screws, you'll end up stripping the screws completely and risk either losing your screws (no big loss if you hate the stupid pentalobe screws like me) or could have a tough time removing the screws later.

    That said, the mod isn't the toughest thing to do once you actually get the instructions (there was a instruction video posted yesterday on youtube) and the mod definitely looks pretty cool. Too bad the quality of the materials is so cheap.

    Oh well.
    2012-01-11 03:21 PM
  8. solidstan's Avatar
    I Received my mod kit today, and have just finished fitting it. ;-)

    I would fully agree 100% with the original post here, except it took me little short of 3 hours.
    Getting the wire on the connection point was a right NIGHTMARE, Also rolling the tube cost me loads a time and still it would not fit, 2 paracetamol's later I ripped a piece of cardboard from the paracetamol box, and wow, it fitted between the 2 connectors perfectly and the job was a good en..
    I'm also more than happy with the quality, apart from the bright white apple, you couldn't tell it apart from the original.
    Except on very close inspection, it looks as thou 1 corner of the back panel is not as tight as it should be (but not much to worrie about).

    HeHe, I love my apple even more now!
    Thanks to KoGadget!
    2012-01-11 08:53 PM
  9. huanger's Avatar
    Just a quick update. After going back to my OEM back, it turns out that the pentalobe screws were to blame and not the kogadget threads so at least that part wasn't their fault.
    2012-01-12 04:36 AM
  10. markus3000's Avatar
    Anybody having any issues post installation. Mine works as it should but did notice that there is a lag when I first press the home button to get to the home screen and when I try to switch pages right after. It only happens in the first few seconds but after that its ok.
    2012-01-12 08:17 PM
  11. covers88's Avatar
    I didnt have any isues with installation it took me about an hour 20 mins to complete. Everything is great however im having one issue which is sometimes the light will stay on for 15 seconds as advertised and sometimes up to 5 minutes after the screen shuts off. Is anyone else facing this issue?
    2012-01-15 09:07 PM
  12. jokerchaos's Avatar
    Took me about an hour, the backplate they give you doesn't feel great. fingerprints stay very easily. At first I thought the plate didn't have any threads either. I'm still not sure what the issue was but it was pretty hard to screw it in with the plate they give you. sometimes my camera/led shorts, it's probably because that "z" cable is interfering with some other connection. It was pretty hard to put it in like they did in the video. my light stays on for 15 seconds after the screen shuts also, not 5 mins yet though.
    2012-01-15 11:35 PM
  13. Cowboy's Avatar
    Nice little write up i was wondering about these
    2012-01-16 05:18 AM
  14. iGamers's Avatar
    I was wondering about these backs, I want to buy one, but I'm not sure if it does any damage to the iPhone, I have a 4S and I was just curious if it fits and feels like a real OEM back, I know the materials are different, but just curious, also has it caused any problems from people? Any hardware failures or anything?
    2012-01-16 06:36 PM
  15. covers88's Avatar
    figured it out. after closing all background apps then putting the phone in sleep the light has not stayed on for more than 15 seconds as nothing is running in the background. if the light does stay on or even turn that means theres an app or something in the background transmitting signal i.e wifi or cellular data.

    anyhow @ igamers no hardware failures here, the back is definately not oem quality, however its good enough in terms of looks. the back is definately glass as my buddy broke his and its def glass. in terms of problems no there arnt any so far so good light looks sick.
    2012-01-17 09:58 PM
  16. iGamers's Avatar
    I was reading some comments on the Facebook page and a few other places that some people had issues shorting their phones, breaking their backs, the corner not fitting right, light not equally dispersed, and I also read they are planning on changing the materials to increase quality and make it easier to install and uninstall, so I'm planning on holding off for a while
    2012-01-17 11:06 PM
  17. CometMan's Avatar
    hello there just installed today the mod on my 4s

    first thing the tool is crap, only managed to remove 1 screw the other one had to buy a decent tool

    couple of questions
    1-do we need to remove any plastic protective film from the light panel? it has some kind of small dots pattern when the led is on that is visible at close range
    2-since the light is not uniform, i placed the LED leading downwards, it looks stronger on the leaf but equal to the apple, but i get a huge gap on top around the midle/ camera side , is this normal from you or that is caused by the led facing down?
    2012-01-18 05:12 AM
  18. solidstan's Avatar
    Hi m8, my LED is fitted as per the instructions. I have a small gap near the headphone jack. (presume cos of the LED)
    2012-01-18 12:36 PM
  19. eclipseballer08's Avatar
    my backplate does not have screw holes in the two bottom tabs that are metal on the OEM backplate...
    anyone else receive this issue?
    2012-01-18 07:02 PM
  20. fleegerc's Avatar
    I got the kit and have been having trouble with the instillation. I found the contact point but had trouble getting the light to stay on on the LED when I would put the metal plate back on. I guess it kept losing contact. I kept screwing with it and now the metal tip on the red wire came off. Now it won't work. Any suggestions on what I should do about the wire? Any help would be great. Thanks.
    2012-01-19 12:47 AM
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