1. harmon's Avatar
    hey everyone,
    have an iphone here that looks like it was water damaged but did not notice this problem before the work i did to it..

    anyways, small part transfer from the old to new gold frame went flawlessly, something i have done numerous times..
    after getting everything back together noticed home button was a bit of an issue and think it was turning on voiceover right away and freezing the phone cause it thought the button was pressed or something
    swapped home button, noticed same problem
    unplugged home button to see if that would fix it, same problem

    what is happening is phone is turning on with voiceover, i slide it unlock and it freezes there and pretty much need a restart to get back to the same place

    could it be the dock or am i wasting my time? would be the next logical solution

    any suggestions would be much appreciated!

    2012-03-11 04:11 AM
  2. purpl7duece's Avatar
    Have you tried a restore? That would be my 1st guess. If it continues from there I'd say it was a hardware problem
    2012-03-12 06:57 PM
  3. harmon's Avatar
    ended up figuring it out, was most likely software..
    once i jailbroke and hactivated it seemed to be working fine, aside from no carrier information which I am assuming is because it is an american iphone here in canada that was relying on an unlock. so sadly doesnt really work up here on 5.0.1 without an unlock

    looks really good haha will post some pictures in the show off iphone thread :P
    2012-03-14 12:17 AM