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  1. Ppluizz's Avatar
    Hello guys this is my first time posting in this forum and i need some little help please. So I was installing a bestskinsever total body protector and my screen got water in , i opened the iphone for the first time and pull out the battery and other stuff (logic board etc) and 2 days later i put all back in and turned on the iphone , mic wasnt working not even in calls or voice memos app . Speaker mode mic works and video mic works too. I thought i probably broke the mic when i disassembled my iphone so i bought a new dock connector and just installed 1 hour ago. Tried the voice memo didnt work so i restored the phone didnt work either what do you guys recommend me to do? What could be the problem thanks!
    2012-04-01 02:17 AM
  2. bulltproof's Avatar
    First one I ever did i failed to put the mic back in the holder.
    Take it apart and make sure the mic is seated in the holder.

    Or... water damage
    2012-04-01 05:49 AM
  3. delutedsoul's Avatar
    Also make sure you remove any old adhesive that may be blocking up the rubber mic holder.
    2012-04-01 06:29 AM
  4. Ppluizz's Avatar
    Hi so i did a hole in the mic holder where the ruber part goes in and i tried voice memos i screamed and i only could here a low sound of my voice (weird because i screamed a lot high) . i tried to clean the grill by pulling out the mic holder but i pinched it with a needle (i thought sound could pass easier if i made a hole in it) i also pinched in accident the rubber part do you guys think this makes sounds go out or something? Thanks!!!

    p.s : the water indicators are white so i dont think its water damage
    2012-04-01 06:38 AM
  5. delutedsoul's Avatar
    Pull the mic out of the rubber holder clean it. Making sure no old adhesive is still in it. Make sure and place the mic back in proper. Also make sure not to damage the tiny mic flex. Also make sure when your putting the phone back together when you put the speaker/antenna assembly back in you don't accidentally pull the mic and it's rubber holder out of the slot.
    2012-04-01 06:58 AM
  6. iRevival's Avatar
    There's definitely something blocking your voice from the mic. I can almost guarantee that the mic isn't seating well inside the rubber holder, or you dont have the rubber pushed all the way into the bottom port. Double check those before you buy another charging port. The mic has to be in there pretty much perfect for it to work.

    When you say you pinched the rubber by accident did you damage it? I bend that rubber piece like crazy when I'm swapping those and I've never damaged one. Just curious.
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    2012-04-02 06:19 AM