1. EarMachine's Avatar
    Morning all, thought I would post my issue and resolution as it wasn't easy to come by a viable solution.
    Anyway I fixed a broken iPhone 4 about a week ago after the owner tried to butcher it on his own, and thought everything was great. I then got a message saying it would not connect to the carrier.
    Issue was when the owner first took apart the phone they damaged the small blue inductor that allows the phone to get its signal with a gsm carrier.
    I added a small amount of solder to connect the two points and the issue was resolved.
    Hopefully this helps others having the same issue. If you have questions just reply.
    2012-05-02 02:40 PM
  2. infam0ussteven's Avatar
    Will this work on an iphone 3GS? I'm currently having no service and I suspect that would be the case also, do I just add a bit of solder onto the whole section including on top of the inductor?
    2012-05-02 10:55 PM
  3. Oakenshield's Avatar
    Hi, I have a similar problem with my 3Gs. When activating the 3G network I have "No service" but a few minutes I have 3G signal and I get the signal symbol of 3G but I can't connect to Internet. GSM network and wifi working perfectly. The iPhone has been dropped me a couple of times before everything worked fine. Can it be the antenna?
    2012-05-06 04:23 PM