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    Hey MMI!

    I've laid hand on my iphone 4 16gigs to change it to a black mid frame with white bezels for the front and back. to finish it up, i decided to get a transparent home button.

    Now I installed it all and accidentally crashed my cellular antenna. new one is on the way! Next problem i have is that i tried to lift the actual connector of the home button up like one of the logic board connectors, and now the button is not working. I'm doing a full restore at the moment and i'll see if it works after that. My guesses are, that it's not. I ordered a new Flex cable with dock connector, do you think i need anything else? the home button ribbon was bent in the process, but not too hard. Also, do i have to have any contacts on my new frame behind the home button? i've gotten some with the mid plate and i sticked them behind the home button (metal contacts). what else could i have done wrong? or do i have to wait for the pieces to arrive only and so i can change them?

    On a sidenote, my sim card ejector has also gone broken. How do you fix that?
    Sorry for the many questions, I'll be glad to help anyone if they have any other questions
    2012-05-04 10:00 PM