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    I know a lot of malls supply the actual booth, but as far as cost is concern it depends on a number of factors, like where you live, where the mall is located, is the mall highend, lowend, or in between, and where you want the kiosk located in the mall, example its more expensive to have a kiosk right out side the apple store then it is upstairs on the other side of the mall.

    I have seen some rent for 500-600 a month and others 2-3 thousand
    Pretty much nail on the head there.

    Also, sometimes Apple even has an agreement with malls that NOBODY can be near the entrance. The one here does.

    We have a kiosk in Little Rock, AR in Park Plaza Mall. It is run by CBL properties. They also managed the one in Nashville where we used to have a cart before moving to a storefront. Their properties are usually the in-between as far as the "shopping experience". Some of their malls are highend but mostly in the middle. Again, as already mentioned the rent depends on your term length, other competition and location. Rent also doubles for the months of December/January.

    We had our kiosk by the food court and it was roughly 3K a month. Yes it was high but so was the foot traffic in that area. I've seen other malls be ~1200. It all just depends.
    2014-02-22 04:10 AM
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    Just kind of curious what all it would take for me to start up a repair shop? Obviously I know I need the tools and parts, but can anybody help me figure out a dealer to purchase good quality parts from? There are currently no repair shops around where I live and it is something I know how to do so I figured it might be something worth investing in at least until I'm done with college. Any help would greatly be appreciated.
    2014-03-03 08:28 AM
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    Sent you a pm sir
    2014-03-03 10:11 PM
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    Looking for the same info and insight please. Looking to start a home based repair service.
    2014-03-24 05:45 AM
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    I have used different online shops before in the past but I'm curious to where any one else buys good quality parts from. I'm looking to make more of a profit but also get all my parts from one place. I have been fixing everything apple has made. From lap tops to iPods to iPhones. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.ImageUploadedByModMyi1395655608.904894.jpg
    2014-03-24 12:06 PM
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    Do any of you have a website? (Facebook page is NOT a website)
    2014-03-25 12:42 AM
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