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    Well, first first first things first (Yeah, that was intentional), this is my only phone for a long time, so I need it up and running fast. The reason I wouldn't buy another is because my contract isn't over in a long time and I have very little money as a student, so I can't la-di-da into a store and snatch up another.

    Now, for the repost from the wrong subforum (I did this yesterday, then FINALLY found the right -or so I think- forum to post this in today...):

    Well, let me start with this: I didn't know where else to post this as I'm new to the site ( ) and I wouldn't totally consider an integral part an accessory, but it seems like it is more than it is news or something to sell.

    Anywho, I have this iPhone which I have recently acquired that's missing the screen and digitizer. Looks like the guy before my was trying to fix it after it may have fallen or whatnot and was just like "**** it" since he already upgraded to the 4s.

    My question is, are all of the digitzer/screen kits that are available (for 3G only) online the same?

    Furthermore, I was curious as to whether the phone has the capability to prevent the screen (or itself) from functioning without the digitizer. It doesn't light up at all or anything when I hold the on button after charging it.
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    2012-06-21 10:52 PM
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    Ok I'm kinda lost with this post. But answer one. No the 3G and 3GS take different digitizers and LCD's. So if you get the combo of one already assembled make sure it's for the specific phone you have. The other part. If your phone has just an LCD in it,as long as its connected properly and it's not a broken LCD your phone will power on. At my job I test phones all day in this manner. A lot of the times I'll power an inspire 4g on with only the main board and LCD connected. So if it's not powering up the LCD may be bad. Now if you can plainly see its charging with the little red battery and lightning bolt and it still doesn't come all the way on. Could be a bad battery or a bad charging port. Anyway hope this long winded reply helps sir.
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    Battery's 100% good.

    I guess this means the LCD is broken, too.


    Well then, what would it take to replace the LCD in the 3G?
    2012-06-22 07:39 AM
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    Not much if I were you I'd buy the digitizer and LCD all one piece cost a little more but if you haven't done a repair it's easier. If not check out ifixit they have some good step by step tutorials
    2012-06-22 07:50 AM
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    Hmmm, sounds like I'm on the right track. Buying the $31.50 kit on eBay that was on my watchlist, then.

    The local shop said it was the right one for the job and I'm sure I can put it together myself anyways.
    2012-06-25 06:01 PM
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    How'd it go? Hope it works out for ya sir
    2012-06-28 07:27 AM
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    Well, a friend has offered to buy it (but buy what's necessary first, let me install, then pay over for the phone as well), so I'm just waiting on his word as to when the replacement material kit arrives so I can get to work on it...
    2012-06-29 08:48 PM
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    Crap, that was long.

    So an update:

    Had the LCD/screen kit finally purchased roughly 2 weeks ago. I installed it 4 days after and it works like a charm! Of course the system'sa bit laggy and there's no sound, though

    With some more time invested, I've noticed that the speaker is broken as well. Go figure at that's essentially the second half of the phone... So now we're waiting up to see what's it worth and if it's worth reviving this phone to full capacity.

    Either way, I got the phone for $3.61, but right now we're at roughly $57 into the resuscitation process.

    I do have a question, though: What's the backpiece called that houses the charging thing, speaker and microphone?

    Also: So his mother decided all of a sudden that she was more interested in her phone, so I may end up eating all the costs for fixing this and then have no one to sell it to again...

    2012-07-22 07:47 PM