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  1. Dhfhy's Avatar
    Hello guys, my ex-girlfriend dropped her IPod Touch 4g and wants me to replace the screen. But she also wants a colored home button. I've looked all over the place and cannot find a colored home button for the Ipod, But I have found plenty for the IPhone 4. Will an IPhone 4 home button fit the IPod 4g? Will it be too big? If not can anyone find out where I can get colored ones that are not stickers or case's?
    2012-06-29 08:07 AM
  2. iRevival's Avatar
    They have loads of them on eBay for a decent price. A little higher than I'd normally pay but they are quite hard to find.
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    Don't forget about those screen clips!
    2012-06-29 10:00 AM
  3. Dhfhy's Avatar
    Wow! Thank you so much, of course that would be the one place I did not look!
    2012-06-29 10:21 AM