1. DudeLikeTotally's Avatar
    Okay so I have an old iPhone 4 (black, CDMA) and there's this dude that said he can replace the front, back, and home button with white parts...that means the phone's gonna be like completely changed and stuff. So...could that like break my phone or whatever? D: Cause I don't want my home button replaced and then it ends up not working or something...
    2012-06-30 06:04 PM
  2. zoolman88's Avatar
    It the person don't know what they are doing it can. I am not saying they don't. And if they use cheap parts. The parts can break easy. It's something you really don't want to go cheap on. And it will void any warranty you have if you take it into apple white. I do know there is a difference in CDMA and gsm parts. So I would make sure they know. Just incase.
    2012-06-30 07:02 PM
  3. DudeLikeTotally's Avatar
    Okay, thanks! 😱👍
    2012-06-30 07:04 PM
  4. Cowboy's Avatar
    Yeah if they are good and reputable you won't have a problem its 12 year old bob off craigslist that will mess your phone up. Got to look out for them
    2012-07-01 07:47 AM
  5. DudeLikeTotally's Avatar
    Hahaha yeah :P thanks 😁
    2012-07-01 08:13 AM
  6. Cowboy's Avatar
    No problem
    2012-07-01 08:14 AM