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    My girlfriend has recently dropped her iPhone 4 in the bath. After leaving it in a sealed tub of rice for a few days, I was able to turn the phone on and make / receive calls.

    The main issues was neither both front or rear camera would work and the camera flash light would stay on even when the phone was switched off. Another intermitant problem would be the screen would sometimes stop displaying! But a soft reset would fix this.

    The flash light issue was causing the battery to drain too quick so I decided to open the phone and remove the camera. While the phone was still open and the camera / flash was not plugged in, I was able to boot the phone successfully.

    Then...... I noticed (what I believe to be) some sort of corrosion on the mother board so I popped off the 5 connectors at the top of the phone (already taken the 6th one off i.e. the camera). I believe the order of all six connectors goes (left to right) Camera, Digitizer, LCD, Headphone, Top mic / sleep button, Vibrate / front camera. The worst of the damage on the board is between the LCD and Headphone connectors. The LCD connector also looks a bit damaged.

    When I popped all the connectors back on, the screen no longer displays. It seems to light up and then go black but no apple logo. I know it still works in the background as the alarm keeps going off it still vibrates and plays ringtone when somebody calls. But no screen to action the response.

    Am I likely to need a new motherboard / logic board. Or has anybody has any similar experiances? If I was to buy a new motherboard, can I put any iPhone 4 motherboard in my o2 uk phone?

    Any help will be much appreciated.

    Many thanks,
    2012-07-04 01:40 PM