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    Hey guys, I'am new to this board. this board has great information.

    I have a friend who dropped her phone in water, but still was working fine for a few days after that. She calls me today and says that her iphone 4 kicked into recovery mode and says to plug it in to itunes. I Start trying to resolve the problem by restoring it and it worked fine for a few hours, then it says:

    "There is a problem with your iPhone"; We're sorry, the iPhone you connected may be damaged and cannot be activated for service. We recommend that you visit your nearest Apple Store for more information"

    So, to bypass this I jailbreak it and then i'am able to get to the home screen, everything is working fine except there is "no service" and "wifi". I don't see "imei" code in settings. And there is no sim card response if it take a sim card in and out. I also have replaced the battery and loud speaker+wifi antenna.

    should i try taking the phone apart and cleaning it with alcohol?

    any information would be greatly appreciated. thanks.
    2012-07-05 04:06 AM