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  1. pashke84's Avatar
    Hi everyone !
    I have this very weird issue with iphone 3gs.
    The iPhone is FACTORY UNLOCKED, it "works" with any sim i put in it (tried all 3 major carriers here in Israel), BUT, the network service bars are absolutely EMPTY ! It doesn't say "no service" (only once in a while, most of the time it's just empty) and the WEIRDEST thing is that I DO get 3G ! I mean I do get mails, use Safari and so on... but as you can imagine I can't make any calls at all (incoming or outgoing).
    Did someone see something similar ?

    I'm thinking of replacing the whole charging-antenna-mic-speaker dock, but some why I have a feeling it's not gonna solve my problem.

    Thanks !
    2012-08-02 08:22 AM
  2. pashke84's Avatar
    So I replaced the antenna dock... As I expected, that didn't help.
    Any clues ? Someone ?
    2012-08-17 07:53 AM