1. joshmoulton's Avatar
    2012-09-20 08:36 PM
  2. Cowboy's Avatar
    Yup not really the best doesnt show much
    2012-09-20 08:41 PM
  3. joshmoulton's Avatar
    Not bad for before it's released. Gives you a better idea than anything you've seen previous to iFixIt getting a hold of theirs.
    2012-09-20 08:42 PM
  4. Cowboy's Avatar
    Thats true i guess
    2012-09-20 08:44 PM
  5. Cowboy's Avatar
    Here is a real tear down!
    iPhone 5 Teardown - iFixit
    2012-09-21 01:55 AM
  6. joshmoulton's Avatar
    That didn't take long lol

    Ohh front to back repair. Hallelujah
    2012-09-21 02:00 AM
  7. Cowboy's Avatar
    I dont know why this is such a surprise to anyone...
    2012-09-21 02:07 AM
  8. iRepair's Avatar
    After seeing the screen connectors in the photos that turned up and connections on both sides of the board,I had this great hunch it was going to be front to back... And thank god it's confirmed!
    2012-09-21 03:54 AM
  9. joshmoulton's Avatar
    Yeah, but is it really a good thing for us who do repairs? Just saying, some people that consider themselves just a little technically inclined will make the attempt of fixing them now. Sure there will still be plenty of people unwilling to attempt the repair, but I do think it will cause a little damper on our business.
    2012-09-21 04:13 PM
  10. Jward84's Avatar
    dont think it will hurt business too much with repairs, but people wanting custom phones is going to be harder with the back and mid frame being one piece. going back to just changing the color of the screen, maybe a back case at some point.
    2012-09-22 03:39 AM
  11. Cowboy's Avatar
    Color backs or coming
    2012-09-22 04:50 AM
  12. Bo Troxell's Avatar
    Color backs or coming
    Thank goodness for that, the scratching thing has me frustrated.
    2012-09-22 05:25 AM
  13. Cowboy's Avatar
    I am not to worried about it
    2012-09-22 05:36 AM