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    Apparently, this is a chronic issue Apple has ignored, but the again, it's an older model, Apple's too busy trying to keep an eroding market share. The 4 is still a great phone and for all the DIY's in the forum, I found a very easy alternative to replacing the harness or screwing around trying to shove just the right amount of paper or other material between the button and the actual switch.

    The simplest fix is to use a moisture sensor. The trick is that you need to cut the black boarder away from the 3Gs sensor with a pair of personal trimmers or scissors so that just the white dot remains. Once that is done, remove the two screws holding the sleep/power button assembly in the phone then remove the button, and switch assembly just far enough to access and remove the button. Place the white dot of the trimmed down 3G/Gs moisture sensor in the very center of the button. Reinstall the harness assembly after seating the button back into its slot, then reattach the switch housing assembly with the flexible switch harness back into the frame with the two screws removed earlier. You should now have a nice feeling power/sleep button that now works and feels normal.

    Through normal use, the small little raised material that was part of the switch falls off or worn away leaving too much gap between switch and sleep/power button which causes the "sloppy" feeling and sometimes inoperable sleep button action. If you have iPhone 4 or 4 s moisture sensors, those can be used as well. It may require two of these to be attached to the center back side of the sleep button to get the right feel.

    Hope this helps someone having the chronic sleep/power button not working as it should.
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    I run a repair shop in my area and I don't even order that cable anymore lol. The fix I use (I can't remember who posted it on the forum but it is really easy to do) is to take an old broken cable (like the volume button cable) that still has that orange film with the "nub" still intact and swap it with the one where the "nub" is worn down. Obviously this is easy for me because I have a ton of those broken cables at my office, so yours would be better for the general DIY'er. I'll have to try your fix though. It does seem like it would be a viable solution. Just extending the button a bit. Good idea.
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