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  1. sbgame's Avatar
    hey guys, im pretty new to this site. your help is appreciated

    So im looking to start my own iphone repair show. I have all the repair tactics down, but im really having trouble finding a decent supplier. Ive tried but ended up with a crappy iphone 4 LCD. it showed white marks when pressure was put on the screen. ive looked at but they are a little pricey seeing as i wont be buying in bulk to start with.

    Anyone bought from these suppliers?

    feedback would be great or even if you have any other suppliers that havent been mentioned on the forums. im really interested to hear from anyone whos had experiance with each supply. thanks
    2012-11-06 01:13 AM
  2. joshmoulton's Avatar
    Eachsupply is noted in the Where do I get my parts from thread.. I have no experience with them.. Look for the stickied thread
    2012-11-06 01:03 PM