1. jacoscar's Avatar
    I bought a broken 3GS from a guy for 50
    He said it just wouldn't turn on; when I opened I saw the motherboard completely rusty so I deduced it was dropped into water
    The phone also appeared to have been disassembled and it lacks of all the internal screws

    Should I try something such as cleaning and a new battery?
    Or better kicking the guy's ***?
    2012-11-21 01:21 AM
  2. iRevival's Avatar
    Probably better off kicking the guys *** haha. I doubt the board is salvageable.
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    2012-11-21 07:30 AM
  3. jacoscar's Avatar
    Maybe I talked too fast; the logic board is not so bad as the other components

    2012-11-22 07:07 PM