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    Awesome iPhone mod illuminates Apple logo | TUAW - The Unofficial Apple Weblog

    I have seen this mod all over the place and would like to attempt it myself. I have a few questions first...
    When I first researched this I learned that the mod damages the screen over time. Has this issue been fixed by anyone selling the mod? Is there anywhere else to get power from other than the lcd power rail?

    If it hasn't here is what I am planning to attempt:
    - someway that senses voltage through the lcd rail (so it knows when to light up), but is powered by a small watch battery or whatever battery I can manage to cram into the back of the iphone (I realize it is a tight fit and this will be a challenge). The watch battery will last for a short amount of time, but will obviously have to be replaced unless there is a way to put a separate rechargeable battery in there and wire it as so.

    This solution allows the screen to light up without damaging the lcd. You can now proceed to tear it apart and tell me why it won't work .
    2012-12-21 08:45 PM
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    2013-01-06 07:54 PM