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    I've been doing some colour changes recently . I've notice that on most phones the proximity sensor doesn't work after installation . I've tried the marker on tape and the electric tape with holes in it . Doesn't seem to be working . I understand that the problem is because the back of the glass is a lighter colour . Anyone have any other methods to solve this problem ? Thanks a lot
    2012-12-23 03:45 PM
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    2012-12-24 02:01 PM
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    I have noticed on colored screens, the prox "window" doesn't go over all the way. It's hard to explain.

    So let's say this is the length of the prox |---------| the dark part on the inside of the screen. BUT the actual see-through part will only go over this much |--|-------|

    What I've found is I have to sometimes scratch off alllll the way to the edge of the darkened part and then color it back in because the part that actually goes over the sense is TOO dark. I hope that makes sense.
    2012-12-24 06:08 PM
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    Interesting point b-roll. I may have to try that on some of my stubborn ones.
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    2012-12-28 06:48 AM
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    I've had this issue. Simple but effective solution. Before you put on the new screen, take a small piece of clear scotch tape and put it over the proximity sensor and color it in with a black sharpie.
    Sounds ridiculous but it's worked every time for me!
    2013-01-10 01:55 AM