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    First post here, just registered. I've gotten a lot of information from all of you here for quite some time now, so for that I thank you. Though I've recently came across a more unique issue.

    I'm working with two separate 3gs phones here.
    iPhone 3gs (my personal)= iPhone A
    iPhone 3gs (my friends)=iPhone Z

    iPhone A was in perfect working order while iPhone Z showed no signs of life. To test if the iPhone Z screen assembly was operable I swapped the two screen assemblies out. iPhone Z screen assembly still showed no signs of life once installed on the iPhone A's logic board. So, moving forward I re-installed my orginal screen assembly on iPhone A only find that it also did not work now. I figure I botched something simple so I go back to check my work. After uninstalling & re-installing a number of times the assembly still does not work. Now, this whole time my phone is ringing off the hook, i'm receiving emails, receiving my notifications, etc. Itunes still recognized the phone.

    So I fiddle with iPhone Z a bit, as i'm frustrated with iPhone A. Finally, iPhone Z works but has underlying issues from my buddy jailbreaking it. I proceed to test the screen assembly from my iPhone A on the iPhone Z logic board....the screen assembly works!

    Back to iPhone A.
    Phone works
    Screen assembly works, just not on it's own logic board

    This leads me to believe I may have damaged the FPC connector on the logic board in the process. I examined the connectors pins underneath a microscope, nothing seems bent broken but possibly a minute amount of corrosion. I put the logic board in iso alcohol for 25-30 minutes, dried it for 6-8 hrs, re installed the logic board. Back to square one, the phone works i'm receiving all my notifications but no display.

    I may have answered my own question here, but I guess I'm looking for re-assurance. Is the connector on the logic board toast? Bums me out as I would attempt to solder a new connector but I have no soldering gun and have never soldered anything in my life.

    If anyone has any advice my ears are open.
    Sorry for the book I wrote

    Screen is fixed!

    Apparently it just needed to be restore
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    I would've tried a hard reset before the restore but glad you got it working.
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