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    After I changed a power button flex cable on my iPhone 4, somehow it doesn't vibrate anymore. When I flip the silent switch, the bell icon doesn't appear on the screen. The up/down volume buttons work fine. Below was what I did.

    1. Changed power button flex cable. Silent switch and up/down buttons didn't work.

    2. Re-inspected power button flex cable and saw that I had the noise cancelling reversed (silver chip was facing top of the iPhone i.e silver chip faced toward earplug hole).

    3. Removed/re-installed flex cable and changed noise cancelling silver chip facing toward bottom of iPhone (toward dock connector). Silent switch and up/down volume buttons worked fine.

    4. Realized that proximity sensor broke because I forgot to transfer the form and plastic spacer pieces from old cable over.

    5. Again, removed and re-install power button flex cable with proximity form and plastic spacer transferred over. However, this time the silent switch stopped working (no bell icon on the screen either), but the up/down volume buttons work fine. I made certain that the noise cancelling chip faced toward dock connector, and had tried re-install a couple of times.

    Please, help! And, thanks in advance for your efforts...
    2013-01-22 09:21 PM
  2. hcgaloi's Avatar
    I have found the problem. While installing power button flex cable, the audio flex cable came loose. I mistakenly put it outside of the metal frame bracket. So when I installed the wifi antenna (black metal), it hooked the middle latch and pinched the audio cable which created some type of a short. After I moved the audio flex cable behind the metal bracket, the vibrate switch worked.
    2013-01-23 07:50 AM