1. Lurchy's Avatar
    I have an iphone 4 which i think has been water damaged i bought it faulty and it constantly bootloops when plugged in.. When unplugged it just goes off.. I have changed the battery but still the same any ideas? If it is water damaged what actually goes wring with them?
    2013-01-26 11:09 PM
  2. Cowboy's Avatar
    If water damaged about a million and one things can go wrong with them are the indicators red?
    2013-01-27 07:56 AM
  3. Lurchy's Avatar
    The indicators have been removed!.. So im just guessing.. Do u have any suggestions i might try?
    2013-01-27 11:50 AM
  4. Cowboy's Avatar
    Try to plug it in to itunes in DFU and try and restore see what error code you get
    2013-01-28 02:17 AM
  5. Lurchy's Avatar
    I cant get it in to dfu iv tried and tried it just doesnt respond
    2013-01-28 07:59 AM
  6. Lurchy's Avatar
    Bit of an update.. I decided as the phone was knackered anyway to totally strip it.. So i removed the main board and removed all the covers off the processor and the other bits and bobs and got a new toothbrush and i scrubbed away at every bit of the board and components i could get to and then reassembled.. Plugged it in to the wall and voila!!.. Its loaded up running ios 6.0.1 connected to my wifi browsed the web etc.. So all is good!.. Well nearly!.. I noticed that the new battery was showing 30% and it does show that it is plugged in and charging however the 30% never goes up but it will carry on working when unplugged and it also realises that its been unplugged.. Does it just need a new charging port do ya reckon??.. Im gonna get the magic toothbrush in there aswell and see if it can work some more of its magic with the port
    2013-01-28 11:57 AM
  7. unklbyl's Avatar
    When you took the phone apart, did you see any corrosion around anything?
    i did one phone once, (water had dried in the phone) and after fixing it, it ran so slow that it was no fun anymore.
    As far as the charging port, remember that pocket fuzz can partially block the charging cable from correctly interfacing.
    Also, look aroung the power management chip on the motherboard, and scrub corrosion there. (Potentially may have to reflow this chip) Yes, you DO have to take the covers off the motherboard, but that is a 45 second investment that may help you out of this jam.
    Have fun and keep the toothbrush!
    2013-01-29 02:19 PM
  8. Lurchy's Avatar
    I did remove all the covers off the motherboard and scrub all inside i couldnt see any corrosion to be honest on anything inside.. I have now changed the charging port and unfortunatly its still the same .. Gutted! Was really hoping that it would sort it.. Has anybody got any other ideas on how to repair it?
    2013-01-30 01:48 PM
  9. unklbyl's Avatar
    I realize it says "30%", but how long does the charge last? I know i am stating the obvious, but if it says 30 and lasts dang near all day, who cares what it says?
    As it is a 4, on a full charge, it should last you all day or better, depending what you leave running...
    Let me know how long your 30 % lasts.
    2013-01-30 10:54 PM
  10. Lurchy's Avatar
    Its not my personal phone iv got a iphone 5 this is one i bought to repair just because i like tinkering with them.. I left it switched on with no simcard in and when i got back from an 8 hour shift at work it was down to 12%.. I would of tried it for the day but its not on my network.. I have put an ebay battery in this fone so i mite put the original one back in and see if theres any difference i only paid 4.99 for the battery so maybe its not of good quality
    2013-01-31 12:06 AM
  11. unklbyl's Avatar
    Lete know what happened. I am interested.
    2013-02-09 07:43 PM