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    I'm an Old School Cell Phone Repair guy, been in the biz 20 years, and own a small repair shop.

    I recently sold a used VZW iphone 4 to a customer. As with all the phones I sell, it was stripped down to mobo, checked for problems, cleaned, and reassembled. The day before I sold it, I decided the screen and housing looked a little worn and swapped it out with the same iphone type(Bad ESN) my son used for just playing Angry Birds.

    What I didnt notice was the charge port from my son's housing, had some bent pins. When the customer went to VZW to activate it and insure it, they wouldnt because of the bent Pins. The customer brought it back to me, and did a dein-re and put my sons charge port in it. Because I was swamped at the time, I didnt check the new charge port(Stupid, I know), because it worked on my son's.

    The customer called me back and said it didnt work. He had to come back once again(Pretty embarrassing). I thought maybe the flex wasnt plugged in all the way, some grounding problem, or maybe the back button was somehow shorting it, but none of those were the problem. Finally, I put my sons mobo(Logic board) in it and everything worked.

    Therefore, its got to be the mobo. I'm pretty sure I have yet another inexplicable AppleBomb, but wanted to know if anyone has seen this before and if there's a fix? I'm 99% sure its not a software issue, but since I cant get my pc to recognize it, a FW update won't work. Any suggestions?
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    I am by no means in the same league as you sir, but i would like to share the little bit of experience i have with the 4. The power management chip has come "loose or unstable" on two of my projects. I stripped off the covers, used a boring old soldering iron(8mm tip) and sort of refloated it. One worked, and the other one still had a problem afterwords.
    Again, i respect your experience, but sometimes the "dumb luck" of the inexperienced helps look at the problem from another angle. I remember trying to fix my son's radio and the dang thing would not come on. He plugged it in and it worked like a charm. I nuked the problem. Plugging it in probly would have helped!
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