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    Hi guys,

    this weekend i disassembled my iphone part for part and found the solution for both issues - but now a totally different problem appears.
    Maybe someone knows a solution for this.

    Issue 3: Iglow lights all the time and doesn't turn off
    I connected the tow wires like in my post above, but I exchanged + and - because this is a mistake from the author of the picture.
    Now the Iphone lights up. Here a picture:
    2013-11-30 15.01.09.jpg

    Problem is, the light doesn't turn off and so the batterylife is very shorted... a guy in a videoreview showed, that the lights turn off 15 seconds after locking the phone.

    Do you have a solution for my problem?

    Thank you very much!! After this I'm done

    Greetings from germany
    2013-12-02 12:11 PM
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    Come on guys,

    within thsi forum are theo most experienced perople in iphone topics - here should be some advices
    Actually looking for an alternative connection point... I'm asking myself why this fu** led doesn't turn off by the shown point...
    2013-12-03 09:54 AM
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    I think the connection was right the first time, however the solder job was bad. The large blob of solder was connecting both points of the resistor causing the light to not work. By flipping the wires it is causing the led to stay on all the time. Just a theory.
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    2013-12-08 03:46 PM
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    Finally got it to work! Yesterday i analyzed the situation and soldered the wire again at the connection point. I was very carefully and only the upper side was connected. Then assembled the phone again and de light was working but again didn't turn off...

    Then I deleted all multitasing apps out of the multitasking bar AAAANDD! Now all is working allright! Really nice and perfect mod - IÄm very happy with it Also turn on and off with multitasking now

    One last picture and thank you for your help!!
    2013-12-08 03:54 PM
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    any thoughts on wholesalegadgetparts backs?

    Around $60.

    Any cell issues?
    2014-03-20 09:37 PM
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