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    Hello! I just swapped out the battery on my Verizon iPhone 4 (5.1.1). Now the volume buttons no longer work. I'm wondering if while swapping the battery I could have potentially bumped anything out of place? Not sure what to check for - I've checked my settings (after searching around on here) but had no luck. Any help/suggestions would be much appreciated!
    2013-02-04 01:43 AM
  2. B-Roll's Avatar
    Look at the battery in your phone. In the top right corner there is a cable. That is for your volume. This can be easily bent or crumpled when replacing the battery.
    2013-02-04 02:05 AM
  3. Jiglet's Avatar
    Thanks for taking the time to reply. I'm gonna open it back up tonight to take another look.
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    2013-02-04 10:57 PM